Contractor Teaming Agreements – What Are They And How Are The Used

//Contractor Teaming Agreements – What Are They And How Are The Used

Contractor Teaming Agreements – What Are They And How Are The Used

There are avenues other than subcontracting to partner with vendors in the govcon process.  That form of partnering is a Contractor Teaming Agreement (CTA).  There are currently over 1 million CTA’s and that number grows daily. These type of agreements can be formed with two or more partners. A CTA differs from a subcontracting agreement whereas the partnered vendors both have a government contract and share the duties and responsibilities.  In a subcontracting agreement only one party is responsible for having a government contract.  A CTA can be viewed as a way to accentuate your companies best attributes while providing a streamlined solution to fulfilling the requirement.  Generally FAR 9.601 cites the rules of a CTA.

In order to have a clear understanding of each partners responsibilities an outlined agreement describing the duties in specific detail needs to be established, this is not to exclude invoices, prices, or rates.  It is best to inform the Government immediately once the agreement has been made and provide a copy to the agency.  If your agreement has been established under a GSA Schedule each vendor is still responsible for reporting fees on a quarterly basis since each team member is invoiced for their companies prospective prices.

You can locate teaming partners in many ways such as:

    • Federal Business Opportunities
  • Networking
  • GSA Advantage
  • Conferences, Seminars
  • Word of Mouth

Stellar task performance is considered to be a great marketing tool building a positive networking arena for your business, it can also:

  • Build relationships
  • Increase visibility
  • Create business growth
  • Share duties
  • Focus on company strengths

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