Personal Message From CEO Ilene Giles

//Personal Message From CEO Ilene Giles

Personal Message From CEO Ilene Giles

It’s customary to give thanks only on one day of the year, or when something good happens in our lives.  As I was writing this letter my thoughts were to thank everyone for connecting with me and wishing them a happy thanksgiving.  Although I still would like to do that I also  thought about the true meaning of giving thanks. 

To be able to get up and have breath; still be able to use my limbs, and have my organs function in the capacity that they do I give thanks.  As I say that I laugh because when I was a little girl my mother used to say the same thing and it made absolutely no sense to me because I was used to thanking only for the material wealth.

As I’ve gotten older I learned that  blessings were not from the material wealth but in the wholeness of life itself; the journey.  I now understand that there is a faithful God, a forgiving God, and a loving God who has placed me where I am at this given time to be a blessing not for myself but to others.  The most amazing part of his faith, love, and forgiveness doesn’t apply to any one specific person its for EVERYONE.

So I give thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of my journey and I pray that I have been or will be a blessing to at least one.


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Ilene has dedicated over twenty years to federal contracts and is the author of, "Road to Business Growth in the GSA Program" Ilene is known for working with vendors who struggle with GSA contracts and its processes. She is a former GSA contract specialist who has helped over five hundred vendors worldwide in winning federal business with a GSA schedule, contact Ilene for a free consultation

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