Changes In IT Schedule 70

The General Services Administration recently made changes to IT Schedule 70 to better align their offering with the way software is sold commercially.  Under that schedule Special Item Numbers (SINs) 132-32, 132-33, 132-34 reflects the following changes: Administrative Changes Update language to reflect current industry terminology End User License Agreement (EULA) with Commercial Supplier Agreement (CSA). Replaced the word, "computer" with, "run time computing environment". SBA Size [...]

Refresh And Mass Modification For All GSA Schedules

The General Services Administration recently announced a schedule-wide Refresh that will begin in this month. The mass modification will perform the following: Update proposal instructions related to Section 508 standards and information.Update proposal instructions to require order status for GSA Advantage.Update Ability One proposal instructions. Incorporate updates from FAC 2019-01 as applicable. GSA has stated that they will issue a bilateral modification to apply the changes to [...]

Why Slow Down When You Can Get In The FASt Lane

If you’ve dealt with GSA schedules you know that the process is not completed quickly.  Dependent upon which schedule you apply for it may take anywhere from three to nine months to get an award.  Keep in mind that’s if the contracting officer request minimal clarifications. In the early part of this year GSA launched a new program called GSA FASt Lane.  The program is supposed to [...]

Take The Stress Out Of OASIS 8(a) SB Pool On-Ramp In October of last year GSA announced the scheduled milestones for upcoming OASIS SB On-Ramps.  More recently an industry partner briefing was conducted for OASIS SB 8(a) Pool On-Ramp for industry partners that will be SBA certified as 8(a) at the closing of the 8(a) On-Ramp solicitation and have past performance in specified NAICS codes related to professional services. You have some time to get prepared [...]

Government Shutdown Got You Down?

As federal workers and contractors closely watch the 2019 government shutdown we thought we would give you the updates on what agencies are open and how you can better benefit during this time.Currently some agencies have been funded through the end of fiscal year 2019 and are operational those agencies are: Veterans Affairs, Health & Human Service, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Education, and [...]

Big Changes To GSA MAS Schedules

GSA recently announced big changes coming to the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program.  As an attempt to modernize the program GSA will be consolidating twenty-four MAS schedules into on single schedule for products and services.  On set of terms and conditions will apply to the single schedule. GSA has described this goal as a strategy to make government buying and selling experience easy, efficient, and modern.  Federal [...]

Changes In GSA Advantage, It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Due to the recent changes in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) GSA has also updated GSA Advantage MOQ notifications as well.  When a customer places an order and does not meet MOQ requirements an immediate notification will be alerted to the customer informing them of not meeting the requirement guidelines and then providing them three options to revise the order. Here are the following options that will be [...]

Federal Marketplace Initiative Industry Day

GSA recently announced that they will be hosting a Federal Marketplace Initiative (FMP) Industry Day in December.  The FMP Industry Day is created to assist the agency in achieving streamlined mission drive acquisitions, and connecting with industry in determining a more effective way of producing that. GSA's Administrator, Emily Murphy, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Commissioner, Alan Thomas, and FMP Executive Champion, Crystal Philcox will discuss their vision [...]

Upcoming GSA Quarterly Vendor Outreach

To foster a better relationship and understanding with industry GSA will conduct a their first webinar for Schedule 48 (Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Services), along with Schedule 599 (Travel Solutions) on Tuesday December 18, 2018 at 10 am. The webinar will be conducted in a Q&A format.  All questions must be presented to prior to the start of the webinar.  To register for the webinar click [...]

GSA Bids Farewell To 72A Sales Reporting System

GSA recently announced a more modern system will be replacing the current 72A Reporting System.  The upcoming replacement known as, "FAS Sales Reporting Portal" will become effective in 2019.  GSA has explained the goal of the transition is to provide a single reporting system to report sales as well as process industrial funding fee (IFF). The implementation will be phased out into three steps over the next [...]