Apply For A GSA Contract

Apply For A GSA Contract

A GSA contract is an effective way to build your business in the federal market.  According to the federal procurement data system over forty billion dollars of products and services have been procured with GSA contracts in this year alone.  A large part of that is due to the GSA program being a fast and effective way of making the sale without having to go through all of the extra red tape.  This program provides commodities to all federal agencies in the United States within the click of a mouse.  The process works for all participants it supplies the end user with the product or service, while paying the contractor for supplying the product or service, and GSA gets a small cut for bringing together the sale.

Preparing a proposal is by far not an easy task.  For a business that wants to grow, focusing on all of the duties that involve preparing a proposal takes away time and energy that should be devoted primarily to internal business needs.  Ilene has created the platinum plus package that works for all business sizes.  Take a look at the services that you will receive:

A completed GSA proposal document- 1st draft, 2nd draft, final

Complete proposal review

Use of digital certificate

GSA proposal upload

Proposal clarification documents

Proposal negotiation assistance

Final proposal revision

Contract award and implementation

If you want this type of service from a seasoned professional in government contracts, meet the qualifications, and are interested in applying get started by completing the registration below.


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Ilene has dedicated over twenty years to federal contracts and is the author of, "Road to Business Growth in the GSA Program" Ilene is known for working with vendors who struggle with GSA contracts and its processes. She is a former GSA contract specialist who has helped over five hundred vendors worldwide in winning federal business with a GSA schedule, contact Ilene for a free consultation

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