The process of pursuing a federal contract differs when dealing with GSA.  First because GSA has given that terminology, “federal contract” a new name by calling it  a GSA schedule.  There are many terminologies for a GSA federal contract such as gsa schedule, multiple award schedule, federal supply schedule, VA schedule, all of these terms mean in short— Federal Contract, and federal contracts equal business growth.  GSA has created a unique program that delivers products or services to the requested agency on a continual basis while allowing the contractor to reap the benefits in revenue

The contract is awarded in five year increments and is able to be renewed up to three times.  Under the GSA program once you have been awarded a contract you become a part of their procurement database GSA E-Buy.  This database is accessed by all federal agencies within the United States and allows the contractor to become a part of full and open contract vehicles to all federal agencies when opportunities are available

Since all GSA contractor holders have already gone through the process of pre pricing and pre negotiating their contract the contractor is not placed in the stressful position of renegotiating each time an opportunity is offered to them. This creates a more streamlined process for accumulating revenue and saves the contractor much needed time for day to day activities in running the business.

There are no worries of feeling that you won’t receive a contract because many vendors sell what you sell. They have created a program where more than one contractor with the same or similar product or service can maintain a GSA contract  this is how the term, “Multiple Award Schedule” came about.

The process of application is not an easy one it takes time, knowledge of rules, regulations, and what process fits your business best. By far it is definitely not a quick fix. To determine if a GSA contract is the right fit for you CONTACT ME TODAY