Applying to the GSA multiple awards schedule program is not a one application process, it requires a lot of your time.    If you do decide to pursue the application process your going to need to be committed to following through to completion in order to see any type of results from your actions.  Aside from performing your market intelligence you also want to ask yourself  a few questions.  Take a look at what they are:

Do you have an understanding of the federal environment?

Having an understanding of the federal sector or at least having someone to represent you who has a clear understanding is imperative.  GSA schedules have a formal process that’s structured in accordance to rules and regulations.  Those rules and regulations are within the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8, and its internal regulatory called the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM).  Becoming familiar with government language and protocol can definitely help you and your business. A way that you can become familiar is by referring to the FAR and the GSAM as well as networking with government personnel, and other contractors so that you can get a feel for the environment you are about to encounter. 

Why are you interested in the program?

I ask this question because I can’t tell you how many businesses approach me for assistance, I help them to get the contract and they just let it sit and wonder why it’s not accumulating revenue.  That process  doesn’t produce a positive result you have to have a realistic idea of why you want to attempt this program because if you don’t your just wasting unnecessary time and money that could have been delegated elsewhere. 

How stable is your business?

One of the major requirements for the GSA program is financial stability, although your business needs only to make at least $25 k per year to qualify for a contract will that amount be sufficient to keep your business operational?  Once you’re awarded a contract you may receive several requests for your supply or service and you’re going to need to have revenue to produce on those requests.  If you haven’t established an audience in the federal market it may take you 24 to 48 months to see your return on investment so if you’re interested in the GSA program devise a useful business strategy prior to applying.

Quick Tip:  Federal Acquisition Regulation and the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual can be found online, please see   or


You can, as long as you include the following with it:

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