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Agency Increase Price Flexibilities For MAS

Due to world economic crisis GSA is recognizing that Multiple Award Schedule vendors are modifying their contracts to increase pricing structure and has come to the conclusion that a temporary moratorium on a number of limitations contained in the GSA EPA contract clauses should be placed. The policy moratorium will remain in effect until September 30, 2022 unless extended and it will reflect the following:

  • Relaxes time limitations on EPA increases.
  • Relaxes the limit on the number of EPA increases a contractor may request.
  • Allows a lower level of approval, to one level above the Contracting Officer, for price increases above the EPA clause ceiling.
  • Clarifies that is a contractor has removed an item from the MAS contract, the Contracting Officer may add the same item back at a higher price if the higher price can be determined fair and reasonable.

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