GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) announced in September of last year that they would be improving their professional services offerings by consolidating specific GSA schedules.   GSA says that the decision to make the changes were based on the mass quantity of professional services contracts that fall within certain GSA schedules are overlapping and making it difficult to manage the GSA contract as well as making a clear determination which GSA schedule is the proper fit for the vendor.  In addition when fulfilling requirements federal agencies are now desiring a total solution in providing services for the federal government. 

The current schedules that could possibly be affected by this change will be the following:

  • Consolidated (00CORP)
  • MOBIS (874)
  • PES (871)
  • FABS (520)
  • AIMS (541)
  • LOGWORLD (874V)
  • Environmental (899)
  • Language (738II)

With the current plan of action that FAS has administered they have determined that the eight Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) mentioned will be migrated into the new Professional Services Schedule.  This means that the current solicitations for those schedules will be eliminated and the new Professional Services Schedule will take its place.

The transition began September 30 of last year by cancelling by cancelling non-professional service SINs that had no sales.  Here is the remaining timeline for the transition: 

Action Completion Date
AIMS schedule transferred to Reg. 10 10/01/14
Non professional service SINS migrated 12/31/14
Begin Professional Services migration 1/01/15
Existing Schedules closed for new offers 2/28/15
New offers accepted under Professional Services 3/01/15
Transition complete 11/01/15

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