GSA recently announced an industry engagement meeting to discuss how Section 899 of Title VII of the NDAA will affect GSA’s business and supply chain.

Section 899 GSA invites industry representatives, including representatives from the leasing, construction, IT, and professional services community, to share their thoughts.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to share their thoughts.

GSA is particularly interested in the following questions:

  • If (a)(1)(B) of Section 889 prohibits use by an entity of covered telecommunications equipment or services at any tier, including use that is unrelated to the performance of any GSA contract:
    • How would this impact your business, and therefore GSA’s mission?
    • What are some of the challenges involved in identifying covered equipment?
    • How would your industry likely be impacted and how will this affect GSA’s competition?
    • Would this impact your plans to do future business with the GSA?
    • What is your anticipated cost for compliance with this prohibition?
    • How long would it take to remove covered equipment from all levels of your supply chain on GSA contracts?
    • Are there specific use cases in the supply chain where it would not be feasible to remove the covered equipment?

To register for the meeting click here.

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