GSA Issues New Subcontracting Plan Directives

GSA Multiple Award Program (MAS) recently announced the implementation of new subcontracting plans and its directives. The agency stated that the plans templates became effective January 25, 2023 and apply to new offers and new subcontracting plans. Vendors are to use subcontracting plans for businesses that are large, small businesses are not applicable.  Updates to the plans are as follows:

  • Text under “Identification Data” to add back the “Projected Annual Sales” line as required in FAR 52.219-9(d)(2) – specific to Commercial Subcontracting Plans only
  • The references of DUNS to UEI
  • The name of the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to APEX Accelerators
  • A few of the hyperlinks within the templates to link to the current websites
  • Subcontracting plan thresholds were removed from the templates and come from FAR 19.702
  • The references to statutory goals and replaced the references with the Agency-wide Subcontracting goals since subcontracting goals are not statutory
  • The footnote regarding “good faith effort” to include the FAR reference (FAR 19.705-7)
  • Other minor administrative updates

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