GSA MAS Platinum Package

Interested in a GSA Multiple Award Schedule but have no idea where to begin? Are you tired of going in circles with tedious paperwork or government language that you just can’t understand?  Most clients that come to us have that same concern, but with my team’s experience we can get you on the road to business success.

If you’ve struggled with growing your business in the federal market, I encourage you to take advantage of the GSA MAS Platinum package. You’ll be able to grow your business in the federal market with a GSA schedule by marketing your pre-priced, pre-approved contract to other federal, state, and some local agencies.  You will also have the exclusive access to GSA‘s in-house opportunities through GSA E-Buy, all while having my experienced team get you on the road to business success.

What you will get in the GSA MAS Platinum Package is:

The preliminary qualifications to apply are simple and easy to understand

Preliminary Qualifications

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