The General Services Administration (GSA) is planning to refresh all of the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) effective April 2017.  I know some of you may not be familiar with the word “refresh”, but that’s just GSA’s way of saying that they are updating the contracts to incorporate new rules and regulations.  Typically a refresh is done twice a year to each contract, but with GSA working to make their current contracts more streamlined they have been making several changes across the board to several MAS contracts.

The refresh will be made on all of the MAS contracts to include small business subcontracting improvements, internal policy changes, updates to Non-Federal Entity access to schedules, including under the Disaster Purchasing Program.  To obtain a better understanding of the changes GSA will be hosting a webinar on March 22, 2017. at 2 pm EST.

To register for the webinar click here.

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