GSA schedule 70 is constantly changing to stay current with the innovative technology solutions, and to meet the needs of its federal customers.  In support of the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) IT Schedule 70 has added a new Special Item Number (SIN) for Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) under Refresh 39 issued in early September.  GSA’s Administrator, Denise Turner Roth has said, “In support of the Administration’s CNAP activities, these new SINS will provide government agencies with quicker and more reliable access to key, pre-vetted support services that will expand  agencies’ capacity to test their high-priority IT systems, rapidly address potential vulnerabilities, and stop adversaries before they impact our networks.”  The newly added SINS are:

  • 132-45A Penetration Testing
  • 132-45B Incident Response
  • 132-45C Cyber Hunt
  • 132-45D Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA)

To add these SINS an oral technical evaluation procedure will be conducted by GSA personnel.  The evaluation will consist of SIN specific scenarios and questions, and may take up to three hours to complete, dependent upon the number of SINS.  As an offeror you must be able to identify five key personnel to attend the evaluation (virtual attendance is acceptable).  Offerors that do not pass the oral evaluation will be ineligible to resubmit proposals for six months.  Recording devices will not be allowed during the evaluation.

Prospective GSA contract holders may submit their proposal for this SIN under GSA’s Fastlane program.  Fastlane is a new program that was created to cut down on approval time in as little as 45 days from the date of receipt of your proposal submission.  Unfortunately, the fastlane program only applies to specific SIN’s, for more information click here.  I will say I have utilized the fastlane program and it is very impressive.  GSA is extremely responsive and the process is clear and concise.

For current GSA contract holders you may submit a modification to add the HACS SINS to your contract and you may receive approval within seven days.  For more information regarding the new SINs and its processes contact Ilene Giles, GSA Proposal Maven by clicking here. 

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