Is Your Business Suitable for a Government Contract?

One of the many questions that I often hear from contracting hopefuls is “Does my business require a government contract”? Unfortunately all businesses do not require a government contract, although there are many benefits in obtaining a contract agencies have strict requirements prior to having a contract awarded with qualifications varying dependent upon supply, service, and agency. This does not disqualify a company from doing business with the federal government. There are many avenues in obtaining business with the government without maintaining a government contract; I will discuss that in future posts. I have provided a few elements your company should have in place prior to making a decision to submit a proposal to the federal government.

  • Your company is required to prove that you are financially capable
  • Two to three years of labor must be demonstrated; in some conditions currently demonstrated (proof of work needs to be provided)
  • Products are required to be compliant with the Trade Agreements Act(FAR Part 25.4), and in some instances the Buy American Act (FAR Part 25.1, 25.2)

These are just few steps that you need to take before making a decision to submit a proposal. Once you have made the decision to move forward in your process be sure to obtain the assistance of a qualified, knowledgeable consultant to further your goals and help you to effectively market your commodity or service. Now go out there and show them what your made of!

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