As updates are being made to GSA schedule 70 (General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, And Services) the agency workforce has incorporated a new program in April of 2016 for IT businesses with less than two years of service.  The program IT Schedule 70 Start Up Springboard has slightly different requirements than the original GSA schedule 70 contract, such as:

    1. The Springboard does not require that you have 2 consistent years of business.

    2. You may utilize experience that you personally provided prior to company inception (experience must be related to the GSA schedule you are applying for.

    3. Individuals that work in the company may utilize work experience related to the specific SIN for which you apply.

The review process for the Spring Board Start Up Program is accelerated and will take only 45 days for GSA to determine if the contract may be awarded. As with all other GSA schedules the Spring Board Start Up Program is an open-ended opportunity which means the solicitation never closes, so you can apply at any time.

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