Refresh 14 Issued

Proposed Common Catalog Platform

GSA is in the process of developing a Common Catalog Platform (CCP) that will replace the Schedule Input Program (SIP). GSA has said that they will be focusing on four factors surrounding the CCP which are a modernized design, integration with the eMod system, streamlined product file, and having access to market research. The system is expected to be available online in 2023 and the agency is intending to pilot the program before the complete transition. More details on how the agency plans to improve each factor.

Modernized Design

The CCP will feature a modern, web-based design. Users can access the CCP from any device and information will be stored in a centralized, secure location. This means greater flexibility in working from any location and avoiding the potential risk of data loss on local devices. The CCP will also feature an intuitive and user-friendly design to make it easy to navigate the system. 

Integration with eMod

The CCP will integrate with eMod, creating a seamless workflow enabling contractors to submit catalog details along with contractual actions. This will reduce the amount of information contractors need to submit, and ensure catalog details are kept current. 

Streamlined Product File

The CCP will consolidate the Price Proposal Template (PPT) and the fields previously captured by the Schedule Input Program (SIP) into one streamlined Product File. 

Access to Market Research

The CCP will make market research information available to vendors as a part of the catalog management process, increasing transparency for vendors and improving the negotiation process. 

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