In order to streamline the contract process GSA’s Region 2 (Northeast & Caribbean) has made modifications to schedule 736 (Temporary and Professional Services).  According to a post on their site GSA’s philosophy is that the changes will make the schedule preparation easier for the customer and will foster a better understanding of the rules and regulations governing utilization for the TAPS Schedule.

The changes are two primary SIN’s schedule 736-1 for Wage Grade Occupations, and 736-5 for Professional Labor Categories.  GSA goes on to say, “The changes reflect Human Capital  Management Category goals by reducing contract redundancy, enabling Customer Agencies to better identify part time temporary hiring categories, while affording Best Value exceptional past performance.

The changes incorporate statutory requirements under 5 CFR 300.503 to further clarify the scope, justification, and duration of temporary hiring.  

Vendors that offer Wage Grade and Professional Labor categories are required to separate their offerings.

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