Have you ever wanted to apply for a GSA contract and didn’t know where to begin?  cbcbc

Well you are not alone, in order to get a GSA contract there is a process that every vendor must go through, but first you need to know what that process is.  This tele-class is a great session for any vendor wanting to apply for the GSA contract, it answers:

  • What a GSA schedule is.
  • How the program works.
  • How to qualify.
  • Teaming with other contract holders.
  • The rules of the government contract game.
  • How to build revenue.
  • The pitfalls in preparing a submission yourself.
  • How to choose a good consultant to assist you with the process.

And loads of other useful content to get you on the right track.  Once we’re finish you will receive an Mp3 download of the class to listen to as many times as you want, a government contractor workbook  that will show you the step by step process, and a GSA contractor checklist.

Schedule processYou will leave having a better understanding of the program, its processes, what is needed of the vendor, and if it is a good fit for your business. The class last for one hour October 29, 2013 1pm – 2pm eastern standard time.  So register now and join me by clicking the link  https://gsacontract.eventbrite.com/


Can’t wait to hear from you