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Know Who Buys What You Sell

Blindly submitting proposals because you think you’re a good fit will have you wasting valuable time and money. Educate yourself on where you need to be and who you need to talk to before you make the move. Just to be sure that you’re generating up-to-date information, I generally like to use the federal procurement data system which can be found at FPDS is a database where all government agencies report the purchases that are made, the great thing about these reports is anyone can view them for free, you just have to know how to use it. There are several ways to use this information, such as locating agencies that buy what you sell, how often they buy, what companies they buy from, actual dollar amounts of purchases, and points of contact information. So as you see you get a lot of useful information from these reports and you can use this to your advantage when you start looking for work. Yes I said looking for work just because you filled the paperwork and you set your goals doesn’t mean that someone is going to find you out of the blue. When you go to the site look towards the middle of the page and type in what your product or service is in the EZ Search engine, and then click the search button and a page of categorized data will show up. On the left side of the page you will find the top 10 agencies that [...]

GSA Facilities Maintenance & Management Schedule-What You Need To Know

A current GSA schedule offered to vendors is 03FAC, Facilities Maintenance & Management.  This particular schedule covers: Facilities Maintenance or Management Energy Management & Water Conservation Industrial Aerospace Coating; Marine Coating Dry Docking Solutions The preliminary requirements to qualify are: Two years of consistent business. Total sales of $50,000 or more within the past two years of business. Two or more projects relating to the Special Item Number (SIN) you are applying for. Must be able to provide a total solution to the Government. If you are interested in applying for GSA schedule 03FAC contact us for a FREE consultation today by clicking here. Ilene Giles is a GSA schedules expert that has helped thousands of businesses increase their bottom line with a GSA schedule.  Get her FREE CD, “What You Need To Know Before Applying For A GSA schedule” or contact her today for a FREE consultation at 

Do You Qualify For A GSA Schedule?

A GSA schedule is a long-term federal contract that can generate billions of dollars if you craft a realistic business strategy.  But before you attempt to apply for the program you need to know if you qualify.  There are four preliminary qualifications that apply to every business owner,  take a look at what they are below: You must have maintained at least twenty five thousand dollars in yearly sales for two previous years of business (Totaling $50,000 in sales). You must have performed at least two consistent years of business that is related to the GSA schedule that you are interested in applying for.  (Effective June 2016 this requirement is not applicable to GSA schedule 70- General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services, which require one year of consistent business.) If you offer products they must be manufactured in the countries listed in Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.225-5 Trade Agreements Act. All products and services offered must be commercially available.  This means all items that you sell must be available to everyone who wants purchase. If you qualify for GSA's preliminary requirements and are ready to grow your business in the federal market with a GSA schedule, then I am ready to help you get there.  Schedule your appointment today for a FREE consultation by clicking here. Was this helpful? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below or contacting me at Ilene Giles is a GSA schedules expert that has helped thousands of businesses grow with a GSA contract.  Get her [...]

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Health IT Services SIN Added To GSA Schedule

GSA schedule 70 has released refresh 38 in July of 2016 to include a new Special Item Number (SIN) 132-56 for Health IT services.  According to the most recent quarterly industry meeting health IT services include: Innovative health IT solutions Connected health Electronic health records Health information exchanges Health analytics Personal health information management Health informatics Emerging health IT research Other health IT services Prospective GSA contract holders may submit their proposal for this SIN under GSA's Fastlane program.  Fastlane is a new program that was created to cut down on approval time in as little as 45 days from the date of receipt of your proposal submission.  Unfortunately, the fastlane program only applies to specific SIN's, for more information click here.  I will say I have utilized the fastlane program and it is very impressive.  GSA is extremely responsive and the process is clear and concise. For current GSA contract holders you may submit a modification to add the Health IT SIN 132-56 to your contract and will receive approval within ten days. Was this helpful? Let me know by leaving a comment below or touch base with me via email at Ilene Giles is a GSA schedules expert that has helped thousands of businesses increase their bottom line with a GSA schedule.  Get her FREE CD, “What You Need To Know Before Applying For A GSA schedule” or contact her today for a FREE consultation at

One of the BIGGEST Mistakes I See…

Getting on the road to a GSA contract is hard work. One of the biggest mistakes I see with GSA contract holders is after you have put in the hard work and later throw all of that effort away.  Take a look at what I have to say about that. By the way-  Sorry about the way my eyes look I just got a new cell phone and I didn't know where to look in my camera :). “Ilene Giles is an expert with GSA federal schedules and its processes and she has helped placed contractors on the path to winning more federal business with a GSA federal schedule. Get her FREE CD “Top 3 Things You Should Know When Applying for a GSA Contract” at” Want more news like this? Sign up for my weekly newsletter click here