Agencies That Can Purchase From Your GSA Schedule

One of the many benefits of being a GSA schedule holder is that other federal agencies are able to purchase your products and services utilizing your GSA schedule.   The more familiar federal agencies such as Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level are the more widely known in being able to purchase commodities.  You should also become familiar with the other departments and organizations that may have a need for what you offer.  Here are a list of additional departments below: Mixed Ownership Corporations. District of Columbia. Cost Reimbursement Contractors and Subcontractors (as authorized by agency contracting official). Cost Reimbursement or Fixed Priced Contractors use of GSA Fleet motor vehicles and related services (as authorized by agency contracting official). Fixed Priced Contractors and Subcontractors purchasing security equipment (as authorized by agency contracting official). Non federal firefighting organizations cooperating with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Tribes & Tribal organizations. Cooperative Purchasing. Disaster Purchasing. 1122 Program. Public Health Emergencies. The American National Red Cross. Howard University. Gallaudet College. National Institute for the Deaf. American Printing House For The Blind. Governments of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands. Entities authorized under the Foreign Assistance Act. For a more defined list of agencies please refer to GSA Eligibility Order 4800.2H click here . Has this been helpful to you? Let me hear about by leaving a comment below. Ilene Giles is a GSA schedules expert that has helped thousands of businesses grow with a GSA contract.  Get her FREE CD, “What You Need To Know Before [...]

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OMB Extends Small Business Accelerated Payment Policy

Effective January 11, 2017 the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has extended the policy to provide accelerated payment to Small Business and Small Business Subcontractors.  In a memorandum sent from Shaun Donovan the policy has been extended until December 31, 2017. This policy was implemented in 2011 under Memorandum M-11-32 was issued instructing federal agencies to accelerate payments to small business prime contractors within a 15 day timeframe after receipt of proper invoicing.  For more information or to  view the memorandum click here . Ilene Giles is a GSA schedules expert that has helped thousands of businesses increase their bottom line with a GSA schedule.  Get her FREE CD, “What You Need To Know Before Applying For A GSA schedule” or contact her today for a FREE consultation at GSAProposalMaven.com/meet-Ilene.  Want more news like this? Sign up for my weekly newsletter click here

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Satellite Tech SIN Added To Schedule 70

The General Services Administration (GSA) recently announced yet another SIN (Special Item Number) will be added to GSA Schedule 70.  The new SIN, 132-41 will be focused on Earth Observation Solutions (EOS).  The services offered for this SIN is: Global Coverage Imagery Archive Storage & Distribution Monitoring Base Maps (Mosaics) Earth Observation Solutions for accurate mission critical information The new SIN is set to be added to schedule 70 in the summer of this year.  GSA will be hosting a webinar to provide more information on May 18, 2017.  To register for the webinar click here Ilene Giles is a GSA schedules expert that has helped thousands of businesses increase their bottom line with a GSA schedule.  Get her FREE CD, “What You Need To Know Before Applying For A GSA schedule” or contact her today for a FREE consultation at GSAProposalMaven.com/meet-Ilene.

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What Are The Benefits Of A GSA Schedule

All federal agencies use the GSA schedule to fulfill their needs for good and services.  They are not obligated to do so but the use of a GSA schedule helps the government as well as the business owner.  The use of this program works for everybody involved; it supplies the end user with the product or service, while paying the contractor for supplying the product or service.  Although there can be more changes to make this program run a little smoother GSA has created the federal schedule program into a one stop shop for all federal agencies. The whole process allows the business owner the ability to close a federal deal while staying in compliance with federal rules and regulations.  Some advantages of having the GSA schedule are: You can sell to any government agency when you have a GSA schedule. There is a short lead time in making a sale. GSA schedules are streamlined, fast, effective procurements. The program is flexible and easy to use. GSA schedules are pre-negotiated, pre-priced contracts that provide cost savings. GSA schedule holders have a competitive advantage over non schedule holders. Easier access to teaming arrangements that you are in control of. GSA schedules are a good way to get your foot in the door but before you attempt to apply to the program you need to do your market research and find out if its a good fit for you.   Is a GSA Schedule the right fit for you?WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR [...]

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GSA Improving Professional Services Schedule

GSA's Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) announced in September of last year that they would be improving their professional services offerings by consolidating specific GSA schedules.   GSA says that the decision to make the changes were based on the mass quantity of professional services contracts that fall within certain GSA schedules are overlapping and making it difficult to manage the GSA contract as well as making a clear determination which GSA schedule is the proper fit for the vendor.  In addition when fulfilling requirements federal agencies are now desiring a total solution in providing services for the federal government. The current schedules that could possibly be affected by this change will be the following:Consolidated (00CORP)MOBIS (874)PES (871)FABS (520)AIMS (541)LOGWORLD (874V)Environmental (899)Language (738II)With the current plan of action that FAS has administered they have determined that the eight Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) mentioned will be migrated into the new Professional Services Schedule.  This means that the current solicitations for those schedules will be eliminated and the new Professional Services Schedule will take its place.The transition began September 30 of last year by cancelling by cancelling non-professional service SINs that had no sales.  Here is the remaining timeline for the transition:   ActionCompletion DateAIMS schedule transferred to Reg. 1010/01/14Non professional service SINS migrated12/31/14Begin Professional Services migration1/01/15Existing Schedules closed for new offers2/28/15New offers accepted under Professional Services3/01/15Transition complete11/01/15 Any questions can be directed to professionalservices@gsa.gov.

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