Do You Qualify For A GSA Schedule?

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Do You Qualify For A GSA Schedule?

A GSA schedule is a long-term federal contract that can generate billions of dollars if you craft a realistic business strategy.  But before you attempt to apply for the program you need to know if you qualify.  There are four preliminary qualifications that apply to every business owner,  take a look at what they are below:

  1. You must have maintained at least twenty five thousand dollars in yearly sales for two previous years of business (Totaling $50,000 in sales).
  2. You must have performed at least two consistent years of business that is related to the GSA schedule that you are interested in applying for.  (Effective June 2016 this requirement is not applicable to GSA schedule 70- General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services, which require one year of consistent business.)
  3. If you offer products they must be manufactured in the countries listed in Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.225-5 Trade Agreements Act.
  4. All products and services offered must be commercially available.  This means all items that you sell must be available to everyone who wants purchase.

If you qualify for GSA’s preliminary requirements and are ready to grow your business in the federal market with a GSA schedule, then I am ready to help you get there.  Schedule your appointment today for a FREE consultation by clicking here.

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