The General Services Administration recently made changes to IT Schedule 70 to better align their offering with the way software is sold commercially.  Under that schedule Special Item Numbers (SINs) 132-32, 132-33, 132-34 reflects the following changes:

Administrative Changes

Update language to reflect current industry terminology

  • End User License Agreement (EULA) with Commercial Supplier Agreement (CSA).
  • Replaced the word, “computer” with, “run time computing environment”.

SBA Size Standards tables for NAICS Codes refreshed

Solicitation Changes

  • Differentiation between Term Software and Cloud Sin (132-40)
  • Name Change of 132-34 “Software Maintenance as a Service” to “Software Maintenance Services”.

Additional Critical Changes

The following contract clauses have been added in the solicitation document:

  • Section 3- Contractor’s commercial guarantee warranty shall be included in the commercial supplier agreement to include Enterprise User License Agreements (EULAs)or Terms of Service (TOS) agreements.
  • Section 8- TERM OF LICENSE CESSATION “Contractors who do not commercially offer conversions of term licenses to perpetual licenses shall indicate that their term licenses are not eligible for conversation at any time.
  • Section 9, Item 4- Term “computer” changed to “run-time computing environment”.
  • Section 9, Item 6- Licensee data belongs exclusively to Licensee.
  • Section 9, Item 7- Derivative Works
  • Section 9, Item 8- Software Identification Tags (SWID) Tags (Option 1, SIN 132-33)
  • Section 9, Item 9- Reallocation of Perpetual Software (Option 2, SIN 132-33)

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