General Services Administration recently announced that a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) consolidation of twenty four GSA schedules will be ensue in October 1, 2019.  The consolidation will not include any of the VA supply schedules.  The following schedules will be consolidated:

1. 738 X Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services
2. 76 Publication Media
3. 67 Cameras, Photographic Printers and Related Supplies and Services
4. 75 Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products/Technology
5. 81 I B Packing and Packaging Supplies and Services
6. 71 II K Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS)
7. 78 Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation Trophies and Signs (SPORTS)
8. 58 I Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording, Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions
9. 36 Office, Imaging and Document Solution
10. 71 Furniture
11. 72 Furnishings and Floor Coverings
12. 03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management
13. 51 V Hardware Superstore
14. 66 Scientific Equipment and Services
15. 56 Building and Building Materials / Industrial Services and Supplies                                           16. 84 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft       and Emergency/Disaster Response
17. 73 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning, Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services
18. 736 Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing Services
19. 48 Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions
20. 70 General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services
21. 00CORP The Professional Services Schedule
22. 23 V Automotive Superstore
23. 751 Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks
24. 599 Travel Services Solutions

If you are a current contract holder with one contract option periods will not be affected.  For contract holders with multiple contracts GSA will determine your options dependent upon the status of your contracts.

For new offerors you will be required to apply to the GSA schedule under the revised solicitation to be issued October 1.

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