You have the,  “3 Tips That You Need To Know Before Applying For A GSA Schedule”, now let’s talk a bit about finding a contract that fits your needs.  The GSA schedule program has a need for all types of products and services but before you move forward in applying you want to be sure that they buy what you sell, and the way to do that is by performing what I like to call, “market intelligence”.  Although it sounds like this may be difficult it is not, it’s simply educating yourself on what’s happening in the marketplace.  In my opinion applying for the contract without conducting some form of market intelligence puts your business in the position of not being able to reap any benefits of having a GSA schedule.  GSA created a tool that helps vendors and government agencies perform their market intelligence in three easy steps.  This tool is called GSA e library.  You can go to E library by visiting  At E library GSA stores information about all of the vendors that hold GSA contracts. To find out there is a GSA contract that fits your needs follow the steps below to start your research: 

  • Enter a keyword in the search engine that best describes your commodity.  This will bring up a list of schedules and its Special Item Numbers (SIN’s) relating to that category.
  • Read the description of the schedule so that you will be able to make a definite decision on which one suits your business best.
  • Click on the SIN number (number in red to the left of the page that looks something like this xx-xxx) listed under the category and a list of all the contractors under that schedule will appear. 

You are now able to see competitors.  Be sure to take note of their GSA Schedule Number, contact information, discounts offered, and pricing.

Quick Tip:  You can perform market intelligence and find out what current GSA contract holders (you’re competitors)  are offering for same or similar products and services on GSA e library. 

Is a GSA Schedule the right fit for you? 


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