GSA currently offers government contracts to vendors that supply consulting services.  That contract is available under GSA’s Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) schedule, also known as schedule 874.

This schedule focuses on the services the vendor can provide in regards to management and consulting services that will improve the federal agencies performance and meet any goals that are required. There are approximately nine categories that fall under this schedule which are:

Special Item Number Description
874 1 Integrated Consulting Services
874 4 Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course Development and Test Administration Learning Management, Internships
874 5 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services
874 61 Acquisition Management Support
874 7 Integrated Business Program Support Services
874 8 DAU and FAI Certified DAWIA and FAC Acquisition Workforce Training for GS-1102 and non-1102 Personnel
874 9 Off-the-Shelf Training Devices and Training Materials: Print, Electronic, Audio-Visual, Multi-Media, and Simulation Training Devices
874 992 New Services


This schedule is open ended which gives the vendor the opportunity to apply at any time.  To get started find out if you qualify for a GSA contract here.


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