1. How long does it take for your firm to write a proposal?

If the client submits documentation in a timely manner, and responds to the questionnaire provided the proposal writing process takes 45 to 60 days.

2. How long is the GSA award process?

The award process is created to be streamlined if the vendor has met all requirements and is financially capable the award process can take anywhere from three to nine months.

3. Do I have to have government work experience?

No, you do not if your firm has two or more years of work experience applicable to the Special Item Number’s within the solicitation you may qualify for a GSA contract.

4. Will I have to be involved in the negotiation process?

No, you do not have to be involved at any point my firm is equipped to handling all of your proposal needs while you run the business. You are only required to submit documentation when requested in a timely manner, and approve award once it is negotiated.

5. What are my chances of obtaining award?

The GSA Schedule process is different from the generic proposal process in that a vendor does not have to compete to win award. Your award is based on fair and reasonable pricing, past performance, and technical so obtaining award is a high probability. There are preliminary requirements to qualify find out what they are here.

6. How long will it take before I can get business under my GSA contract?

There is no definite answer to that question in this economy, but you should allow yourself twelve to twenty-four months before you begin to see your return on investment.  A large part of growing your business in the federal market is knowing your business in the federal market so creating an effective business strategy and being determined to work hard at it will get the results that you want.

7. What do I have to do to get started?

Complete the Prequalifier and contact us TODAY.