Performing market research can assist you in determining if a GSA Schedule is right for you. GSA currently has over 15 categories of federal schedules that cover a wide range of supplies and services. Once you locate the schedule that fits your needs you will also be able to evaluate the competition’s products and pricing, this will help you to be able to price out your offer. The GSA Schedule Number will have Special Item Numbers, or SIN’s, which are a sub category within the main schedule. The SIN provides a detailed description of what that particular product or service is. Here are a few steps in finding a GSA Schedule that fits your needs:

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[item]You would first start out on the GSA Schedules e-Library website at[/item]
[item]Enter a keyword in the search engine that best describes your commodity. That will bring up a list of schedules and SIN’s relating to that category.[/item]
[item]Read the description of the schedule and SIN’s so that you will be able to make a definite decision on which schedule suits you best.[/item]
[item]Once you have made your decision on which schedule you would like to submit an offer for you will be able to locate other contractors who currently have GSA contracts under that schedule.[/item]
[item]Click on the SIN number listed under the category and a list of all the contractors under that schedule will appear, these companies will be your competitors. Be sure to take note of their GSA Schedule number, contact information, discounts offered, and pricing.[/item][/list]

You will be able to look at the competition’s GSA Schedule price list as well by taking the GSA Schedule number that you notated earlier and entering that number in the E-Library search engine, the competitors price list will be under, “Contractor T&C Price list”. Researching your competition can also assist you on if you are able to compete with other vendors in your field of expertise. Sometimes a GSA Schedule just does not fit within your companies budget so it is best that you take this step prior to pursuing the GSA solicitation. Your product or service may also be listed to be purchased through a mandated source, in that instance it is very difficult to obtain a GSA contract.

If you have interest in a GSA schedule and are struggling with where to begin in this process contact me and let’s get acquainted with how I can assist you with building business growth in the federal market. You can speak with me at 800-267-7640 looking forward to talking to you soon.