Revamping Of GSA Vendor Education Center

GSA Transitions To DocuSign

Amongst the many changes that are being made with the GSA schedules process the agency recently announced that contractors will have to digitally sign documents through DocuSign, this includes any documents in Emod and Eoffer.  The digital signature is to ensure an added security and provide a legal international recognized solution.

The digital signature requirement will take place effective November 30, 2020.  GSA is also planning for GSA’s eOffer and eMod system to join several other FAS systems (FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP), GSA Advantage Purchase Order Portal, GSA Vendor Portal, eBuy Seller, and the Mass Mod Portal) in using GSA’s FAS ID multi-factor authentication (MFA) in late Q2 of FY 2021.

During the transition between date November 25- November 29, 2020 contractors and offerors will not be able to submit new offers, nor modifications in the Emod/Eoffer portal.

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