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How long have you been contemplating getting a GSA schedule to only be deterred by the thick solicitations, government language, political environment, or just plain not knowing what a GSA schedule is?  Makes you want to bury your head in the sand right? – The good news is you’re not alone.

GSA schedules were created to filter long term, consistent business for just about any product or service you offer.  GSA contracts alone generated over $3 billion dollars in purchases within the United States in 2013 from commercial companies like yours.

To ease your confusion of what exactly is a GSA schedule here it is-

Normally when vendors pursue federal opportunities they set out to obtain a federal contract, GSA has given that terminology, “federal contract” a new name by calling it a GSA schedule… see that’s not complicated.

GSA schedules are a unique commodity and it creates leverage for your business in the federal community.

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