As you know or at least I hope you know one of the requirements to keep your GSA contract in active status is to meet the yearly quota of $25k in sales.  Over the past couple of years GSA has placed focus on vendors who do not meet that requirement.  If you are a vendor in this position and you want to keep your GSA contract there are ways to buy you a little more time to help you increase your sales.

The first thing you want to do is keep the lines of communication open by getting in contact with your Contracting Officer immediately and let them know what your situation is.  Now let me say this, if you haven’t accumulated sales because you neglected to market the contract stop right there.   GSA is not going accept that as a valid reason for not accumulating sales.  For example, an acceptable reason would be you did a decent job monitoring your contract activity but you haven’t accumulated sales because you didn’t win a few substantial bids.  In this case GSA sometimes grants extensions to allow you more time to reach your goal.

You’re also going to need to draft a letter to the Contracting Officer.  Dependent upon your business analysis that letter will differ but the main topics every vendor will need to pinpoint will be specifying:

The reason why you haven’t met the requirement

What you’re going to do to improve your sales

What you have done up until now to increase GSA sales

Amount of time needed between three to six months to increase your sales


You can, as long as you include the following with it:

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