Currently GSA has a program that is similar to FedBid called the, “GSA Reverse Auction”.  This program is ran by the National IT Commodity Program based in Region 4, Atlanta, GA.  There are over thirty schedules and BPA’s available to contractors for bid.  The program was created to have contractors compete to win business from agencies; prices will typically decrease as the competitive auction progresses.  The program is said to benefit contractors by:

Not adding any additional fees.

Contractor has the capability to talk/communicate directly to the buyer via e-mail, phone or the built in question and answer box.

There is a proxy Bid which allows the vendor to bid their schedule (Ceiling) price and then put a discounted price at the low end of the proxy.

Capability to Flat bid – similar to e-buy – One time bid.

The platform shows the active bidding without revealing the company’s name – only the price is displayed.

No outside competition from non-schedule holders that may submit lower non-TAA compliant items

Training for reverse auction will be given every Wednesday online for the next six weeks.  Buyer training is at 11 am and Vendor training is at 1 pm EST, for registration click here.


You can, as long as you include the following with it:

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