If managed properly a GSA contract can produce a wealth of benefits.  All federal agencies in the United States use GSA schedules to process procurements, this process works for all participants involved- the government, and the end user.  Take a look at some of the advantages to a contractor by having a GSA Schedule:

[list style=”check”] [item]Short Lead Time-  The streamlined program that GSA has put together results in a shorter lead time in making a sales.[/item] [item]Flexibility- The GSA contract is a an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract that is awarded in five year increments and can be renewed up to three times, resulting in you possibly having a twenty year contract with the federal government.[/item] [item]Repetitive Purchases- GSA contracts allow for federal agencies to make repetitive purchases through their internal database, resulting in business growth for your business.[/item] [item]Time Saving-   This type of contract allows you to direct your time in other areas of managing the day to day business duties.[/item] [/list]

With the utilization of GSA’s internal data base federal agencies are able to buy products and services from your contract at the click of a button, allowing your company a cost effective and more streamlined process in accumulating revenue. Get ready to transform your business and create the life you want in the federal marketplace by contacting us here

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GSA Contracts – 3 Things You Need To Know.

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