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Technical Issues With SAM.GOV

SAM. GOV participants experienced a few technical issues yesterday. Those issues were addressed by the General Services Administration (GSA) via an email. The first issue addressed was a system error involving SAM. GOV participants receiving a message stating that someone has updated the participants account on their behalf. The agency has specified that the message was not spam, that it was a system error and that anyone who has received the message can safely ignore it.

The agency added that, “The SAM.gov team is investigating what happened and working to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We have no evidence of any security breach and we believe that no data was exposed. Security is foundational to SAM.gov, and we are confident that the data is secure.” As an added security measure “SAM.gov does send emails to Entity Administrators when someone else updates their registration. These emails come from donotreply@sam.gov and they help entities that use an external service provider to know when their information changes.”

The second issue SAM.GOV had an outage that was unrelated to the previous system error and the technical team is working to correct and monitor those issues as well.

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