A lot of government contractors looking for work are small businesses and at least 23% of contract awards are extended to small business. A GSA Schedule is built specifically for the small to medium sized business in order to help you grow. Now don’t get me wrong it works for the large business as well, but let’s face it a vast majority of businesses are owned by small business owners.

What’s so great about it is the GSA program differs from other federal agencies. The way the program is put together is in quick and easy steps for you to make a sale and create repeat revenue. Of course they want you to accumulate revenue because if you don’t get paid they don’t get paid, it’s just that easy… It’s what they call streamlined.

Once you have negotiated and agreed upon the rates, terms, and conditions of your contract that’s it. You don’t have the stress of having to renegotiate price each time you submit a solicitation to any federal agency, you have already done that within your GSA contract.  This type of program is also different from other federal agencies because once you are in their database other federal agencies can invite you to participate in a bid. The process works for all participants it supplies the end user with the product or service, while paying the contractor for supplying the product or service, and GSA gets a small cut for bringing together the sale.

Now let me tell you how I fit in. If you don’t understand the process you need someone to assist you especially if it’s your first time. You don’t want the stress of gathering documents, responding to technical and administrative proposals, or negotiating your rates when you have to run the business.  My skills as a former GSA contract specialist for twenty years has given me the knowledge to assist any vendor with their GSA needs. Not only am I an experienced GSA professional, but my team is comprised of former GSA contracting officers and contract specialists with no less than twenty-five years each of experience under their belts.

A lot of my clients aren’t equipped to take time away from the business and they really don’t want the headache of sifting through paperwork they don’t understand. If you want the help and are ready to pay someone I am here to serve YOU.

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